Friday, March 5, 2010

Official Craft List Part 1

Because I get so easily distracted, I've been thinking for a while about trying to make a list of crafts I want to focus on. I'm hoping that by putting it in writing I will force myself whittle down my list to the naked basics.

I am introducing my Official Craft List.  The projects that will appear on this list will have gone through a rigorous screening process, multiple rounds of interviews, and a physical strength evaluation even the Governator would fail.

First on my Official Craft list is... read on

  •     learning to make my own jewelry

For a while, Pete and I have both been interested in learning to make jewelry.  My dad has forever been making jewelry - years ago he made my mother, my brother and I gold ring.  Of course my brother and I lost ours, but my mother wore hers till the end.  I wear it everyday now to keep my parents close.  I think learning to make my own jewelry has something to do with my sentimental attachment to this ring.  I'm not too sure how Pete became interested in jewelry making, but he made his sister gorgeous earrings for Christmas and an incredible necklace for me. 

Disney from Ruffles And Stuff has a page on the basics of jewelry making.  She is another woman who belongs on my list of Saboteurs.

In an effort to further our education he and I took advantage of the good weather a few weekends ago to wander into a bead store down the street from us. Be still my heart! An entire store filled with shiny things!! After a few minutes, I came up with a gorgeous combination of beads that I would love to make into a necklace. (Gasp, I made a decision! I was so proud of myself.)  I was stopped from buying everything I saw (and letting them sit unloved in the bag for weeks) when Pete pointed out to me we don't actually have any tools to make anything.

I pouted for about 5 seconds before I saw all the tools I would ever want hanging on the back wall of the store.  I tugged at Pete's pocket, "Look, look! They have everything here!"  Once again he shot me down saying we should get some professional kit by so and so because it comes in a case, and we could find it online and blah blah blah.  I tuned him out thinking only of how I wanted it right then.  Doesn't he understand I'm all about immediate satisfaction and I wasn't graced with much patience?  A few weeks down the line, when I am still DIY-jewelry-less, I will blame Pete.  It will be entirely his fault because he didn't let me buy anything.

And of course, I never bring a camera with me anywhere, so I have no pictures to color my little story.  Maybe that should be another goal of mine- remembering to take pictures to post.

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