Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've been thinking more and more that one thing I would love to do is design/build my future, hypothetical home for my future/hypothetical family. (I'd hate to get halfway into building a house and drop it like I do everything else.  So perhaps I'll just be cautious and not start at all.  Better no house than half a house.) And I very much love modern architecture and design, but sometimes it gets too far away from comfy and livable.  Some examples of it are too close to 'my house is empty and sterile, just like my life.'

So in my search for passable modern homes I ran across Unhappy Hipsters.  I love it!  They take pictures from Dwell Magazine and recaption them to show how absolutely over the top modern homes have become.

"Sure she was watering a street tree during a statewide drought.  But the gate was made of recycled street signs.  Carbon footprint: neutral."
I have to scoff at that caption.  I have friends exactly like that.

"Daybreak revealed much worse.  The blackness hung low, swallowing shadows, blotting out sunshine.  He hugged his daughter close and tried to assume the normal routine."

This one was just out-right mad.  Ewww black kitchen cabinetry with spray-paint chalk surfaces.

"There.  He felt it again.  The whole house had unmistakenly slid toward the retainging wall, as if inching toward edificial suicide."

Tee Hee.  The last one is my favorite.

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