Monday, March 15, 2010

My 4 Step Program to Summer Shorts

Again, I am plagued with a fabulous idea that I will never, ever complete.  Despite the noreaster of biblical proportions flooding the northeast right now, I can't get enough of spring shorts.  They are everywhere; sitting on perfectly tapered mannequins' waists, showing off sculpted fiberglass thighs, reminding me I haven't the sinewy legs to show off these shorts yet.  Sparkly linen! Floral patterns! Highwaisted beautiful, beautiful shorts! Shorts I absolutely adore and absolutely cannot afford.  50 plus dollars is about 40 dollars over my budget.

So, crafty me gets thinking and decides I can make my own shorts, nevermind I've never successfully made a garment from scratch before.  So then lazy me rolls over and says, well I can just upcycle a pair from the thrift store.  Sewing-blog-addicted me gets busy and finds these dolls!!
Lily from The House of Mirth, has made another must-have addition to my fantasy wardrobe.  These shorts with the scallop hem and lace detail make my toes wiggle from cute overload.  All she did was buy a pair of men's business pants, make a few snips, add a few stiches and BAM, she proves herself more skilled than I will ever be motivated to become.

But the shorts I really want to go crazy with are these.

photo via outsapop

Now these aren't actually DIY shorts - they are from a Ray Ban ad - but how easy would it be to

  1. run to the thrift store

  2. buy a white pair of capris/pants/whatever

  3. cut them into shorts and roll the cuff

  4. channel Mr. Pollock and splatter with paint/ink (or kool-aid if you're working on my budget)

There you go, 4 easy steps to making great summer shorts.  But will I do it? Probably not. No.

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Erin Nichole said...

I've actually made a pair or summer shorts! Pictures soon!