Friday, April 30, 2010

Official Craft List Part 2

Second on my Official Craft list is
  • drafting a pattern for clutches and actually making them
I think purses are pointless. I carry one every day only so I can carry my clutch and a book with me. And without fail, I end up with a bag full of useless clutter. For example - I recieved an adorable elephant figurine for Christmas that has only ever seen the inside of my purse. My purse has become a magnet for cr*p.

Can I toot my horn for a second and say that the one thing I love about my purse is that it is a bright orange Longchamp (thank Zeus' beard I heard someone say it correctly before I ever had the chance to butcher it by saying 'long-champ') that I thrifted for a grand total of... $3!!! Three dollars, can you believe it? I dare you to beat that!

I'm going to be guilty of repeating myself, but I love Alexis' Valentino inspired Ruffle Clutch.

Beyond being pretty, its too easy to not do (except in my case where I don't do anything). The appealing part is there is no pattern. Just a folded up square of fabric. I can fold squares. And! And! And! Threds Magazine has an amazing tutorial on pin weaving. In short, it teaches you to make a custom size loom, line it with fusible interfacing, and weave fun colored yarn to create your own fabric! Beautiful!! So the plan is to just fold up a square of my very own custom made fabric!!! Yum

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