Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well not completely.  I'm 99.4% done.  But that's the closest I've come in a long while! 

Denyse Schmidt Quilts has made available her Scottie Dog Pattern and, by this good earth, is it adorable. 

P.S. I love that it's a man holding the puppies!  How could you not want to make one of these.  Denyse's tutorial is so easy, I read it once through on Friday and whipped it up on Sunday without the instructions.  Granted I didn't make my Scottie tall enough, and his nose is too long, but that's besides the point.  The point is that I FINISHED SOMETHING! Woohoo! 

With Peter at work all day and out of my hair, I cued up Emma and broke into my fabric stash, aka remnants from a Christmas present that I gave up on (don't worry, she got something much better instead).  Now, as a sewing novice, the fact that my 2 1/4 squares weren't exactly uniform didn't present itself to me until I had sewn both sides of the scottie.  In my usual disregard for perfection and instructions, I went ahead and sewed everything together.  (Notice me getting ready to apologize for the imperfections before I've even shown the final product. Haha.)

In the end his ears didn't line up, his tail is all sorts of crooked, the corners are a bit wonky, he's not the right size and his bottom is a bit rough around the edges.  But here he is and I love him!!

It's a phone camera picture taken on my purse on my lap on the bus so please ignore the crazy background goings-on.  The picture doesn't do the colors justice either.  The third and fourth row should both have one more square and his nose should be one row shorter. 

His collar is just a bow from a hair pretty destined for a Dollar Store project, but I sucked it up and realized that one isn't happening any time soon.  But also makes me think this could easily be done with only dollar store supplies.  A few dish towels and buttons... But back on subject.  What's left is to add his eyes.  I might add only one, seeing as how I don't want to call attention to his ugly side, which looks something like this.  And Pete's sister, Cara, suggested adding a button as a nose, which would just be too cute.

Because he's not the right size, Pete suggested that I take a seam ripper to him and fix him up.  But I don't believe in plastic surgery.

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