Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My favorite vase

Just some left over flowers. I put orange food dye in the water, but they have yet to change color. Boring.

Through my office, I had received some promotional chotchkies a few months ago, most of them useless, except two small planters with parsley and basil seeds. Just tiny things, but the very beginnings of an indoor herb garden!

Inspired, Peter and I bought some seeds and plant soil today. Arugula and thyme. We have an Annie’s spinach package that we are going to MacGyver into an indoor planter. I wanted to get some flower seeds as well, but he said start small.  If we can get this going, we'll go out and find some real planters.   But until we know we can keep plants alive, its the cheap stuff for now.  I'll be keeping an eye out at the thrift store from some funky ones though.

I just need spring to come. I’m tired of snow!

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